Company Overview

Prestige Venture Capital (PVC) LLC is a specialized in diversified financial services. Main aim of the company is to raise funds and capital expansion through private equity, acquisition of selected private and public companies as well as investing in different funds operating successfully on European and local capital markets. PVC plays role as an initiator and leader of numerous projects haveing access to different market opportunities covering wide variety of modern technologies and simultaneously traditional industries and services. Single investment €2 to €50 mio with R.O.I ranging 4 to 15% p.a.

Prestige Venture Capital advocates projects from the following industries::
* Real estate & HoReCa (Hospitality, Restaurants & Catering sector); 
* Green industry: clean technologies & modern recycling;
* Renewable energy; 
* Health care industry and medical tourism; 
* Silver economy (services for elderly); 
* Energy & fuels; 
* Infrastructure;
* BioTech.

Venture Capital

Prestige Venture Capital LLC provides equity funding for start-ups and young, growing companies of € 300 thousand to € 5 million, companies ocated throughout Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. We invest in businesses across sellected sectors with specialization in Healthcare & Pharma. All our investee companies have in common is great ideas increasing quality of life, talented inventors and skillful managers eager to expand internationally.
In partcular we are keen to suport management break-outs in MBOs, MBIs, start-ups or M&A. We cooperate with a network of co-investors as well as investment funds specialized in SME sector. As well as long-term equity funding, we offer access to a network of private and institutional investors interested in capital cooperation with entrepreneurs or managers with vision, passion and clear aim of their business.

Investment Banking Advisory Services

Prestige Venture Capital LLC helps investors and pursue strategic alternatives, devise strategies to enhance shareholder value, raise capital to meet growth objectives, and develop new ideas and deeper perspective regarding individual companies and relevant industry sectors.

Corporate Advisory
  M&A, divestitures, private placements, equity capital markets advice
• Restructuring Advisory Strategic
  advice and financial restructuring services to companies, creditors, investors and other stakeholders, both out-of-court and in-court
• Institutional Equities Research
  sales and agency trading execution
• Private Capital Advisory
  Advice to owners and managers of private asset portfolios seeking liquidity through the secondary market
• Capital Markets Advisory
  Debt and equity capital markets advice and execution

Projects' portfolio

Chosen projects currently led by PVC:
* Versamed; modern medical technologies in advanced, non-invasive bio-stimulation and treatment with telemedicine software;
* LaPro; Wasteless recycling technology of Rare Earth Metals (Lanthanides) as well as other all types of elements based upon ion-exchange  
* Polish Spa System; Acquisition, turn around and expansion project of 5 Polish renowned spas with over 40 curative hotels, sanatoria, spa & wellness
  hotels andwith a company manufacturing health & beauty products based upon mineral waters and muds;
* DOS Lotos; Medical tourism for medium and long term curative stays in Poland & Czechia,, rehabilitation and therapeutic stays for elderly: pensioners
  and retired seniors;
* Hospitality; A selection of green field projects with central locations in main Polish cities and at spas.
Our thrust is focused on supporting small
  businesses and working with them to help them develop and grow. We aim to improve the performance of the companies we’re involved with and to
  optimise returns for all concerned namely for investors, for the management and employees, as well as the communities in which they operate.
Prestige Venture Capital LLC is a long-term investors, seeking to generate both long-term capital appreciation and absolute returns.Our portfolio holdings are well positioned to capitalize on the impact of innovation, advantages of Central and Eastern European markets and resource availability. We leverage the opportunities supporting portfolio companies with tutoring, link-up services with experts in strategic, core competencies for investees and finally with wide range of financial instruments.

Sylwia E. Raczyńska

Sylwia is an Investment Advisor & Portfolio Manager with 20 years of experience. She received many licenses and certificates including Candidates for Investment Advisor Diploma by Association of Brokers and Investment Advisors (2008), Diploma of Supervisory Board Members of Polish State Treasury Companies (1998), a state examination to render book keeping services from the Ministry of Finance (2002), Sylvia completed specialized courses including Chief Accountants course (1995),  a courses on SEZ, controlling and budgeting, capital markets at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Sylvia has developed her skills in economic psychology and behavioural sciences completing post graduate training in psychology and behavioural finance, sales psychology and NLP/NLS. Sylwia co-manages Prestige Venture Capital LLC.

Adam K.P. Drab, PhD

Adam Drab is a professional advisor as well as  a scholar. He holds Ph. D. in management and behavioral marketing (1991) from K. Adamiecki Economic University in Katowice (PL) and worked as Associate Professor in Academia. He got post graduate education at Chartered Institute of Management  (UK) and at Strathclyde University (UK), where he was simultaneously a Visiting Fellow. Adam is co-founder of Business Consulting Co. Ltd., one of the first private consultancies in Poland. While on his studies in UK he was also co-founder of Central Europe Trust Co. Ltd., strategic advisory and investment boutique located in London with offices spread over Europe. Next he moved to Barons Financial Services S.A. (Geneva, CH) and represented the company in CEE. Adam manages Prestige Venture Capital LLC. He is also a shareholder of a few companies in life sciences, silver economy and reclamation of hazardous waste. He is a Chairman of The Board of Directors  at INDECO S.A.,producer of doors.

Moniuszki 14A7, 40-005 Katowice, Polska * Poland
NIP: PL954-275-15-81 REGON: 243701332, KRS: 0000524706
Sąd Rejonowy w Katowicach Wydział VIII Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego
 Phone: + 48 607 10 44 91 (English/Polish) + 48 664 99 07 91 (Polish)